Bonjour, I am Audrey Kabla.

Entrepreneur . Mother . Artist . Nomad .

Here is my story

After years of dissociating my public self from who I was on a daily basis, life has presented me with the opportunity to learn how to nurture and balance all elements of our lives.

I am an entrepreneur, a published author, a luxury and fashion marketing expert, a brand strategist, a public speaker, a consultant, a training specialist, and a professor over the last 20 years. 

Anyway, I hate boredom. Can you tell?

I excel at developing tools, methods, and stories that promote growth and success while also nurturing your health, happiness, and prosperity. When we open our eyes and gaze, the abundance of things that life provides us is priceless. Look for them with your eyes open.

On The Precious Life, I am here to show you how to make your dreams a reality while remembering to take care of yourself through the three life essentials of health, happiness, and prosperity.

Health: Be at your best. The alignment of your heart with your soul and your body provides the ideal scenery to honor the life you have been given. You feel energized. You feel powerful. You feel confident. You can activate all your super powers. Yes, I wrote super powers. Call them talents, skills, qualities, uniqueness if you prefer. 

Happiness: Generate love. Love can be towards your relationship to nature, the world, other human beings: your partner, your children, your loved ones but also your soul. And, let’s not forget, Life in general. 

Prosperity: Create value. That can be financially, but it also deals with the notions of creations, culture, patrimony, abundance, meaning, contribution, success, life purpose. How you serve yourself, your loved ones, others! 

You Adore Working With Me Because...

  • You get the results you wish for, nothing less.
  • I absolutely love Luxury. It is my area of expertise for almost two decades.
  • Content is as diverse as possible with books, podcasts, webinars and videos.

Here Are DAY ROSE Services

GABE Entrepreneurs

Scale your luxury and fashion business. Build an image, monetize your brand. Create value doing something you love.



Manage luxury brands. Grow your business. Get certified. Learn about your passion. Train yourself and your team.


The Precious Life

Create balance and bring growth in your business and your personal life. Sustain your success and be happy.



Elevate, position, rejuvenate your brand via marketing research and consulting. Train your team about Luxury marketing.


My Trigger To Reaching My Dreams Was YOU

As a mother, I wanted my child to know he could do anything he wanted with his life. He would live surrounded with authenticity, freedom and happiness. 

I owed it to him to try and do exactly what I was about to teach him. I understood then that I owed it to my students, the people I love and the new generation. My trigger to happiness was YOU.

That is how my journey towards my happy dreams and meeting YOU started. I discovered psychology, spirituality and other guidance methods. I read, took classes and explored through research and experimentation.  

Hardship taught me not to be ashamed of who I am, my dreams  and my desires for an outstanding life.

Today, I enjoy dancing under the rain even if I am a lady of the sea and the sun. Thrive is in my power and I am grateful. I am here to help YOU do exactly that and more. 

How did that happen? I learned to accept myself, welcome vulnerability, quit anything that I don't absolutely adore, made peace with my inner self. I trust and love myself unconditionally. Easier said than done? Not here, I promise. 

With kindness and balance, there are so many roads to happiness. I am here to guide you to find yours. 

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