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Scale Your Business. Monetize Your Brand. 


GABE ENTREPRENEURS is a program that helps you convert your business to a 7-figure success story! 


Because you have a premium offer, your Brand is your most invaluable asset to make it happen! 

We offer a unique alliance of consulting, training and coaching for you to activate your BRAND powers:

  • Capitalize on your Brand financial value from the early stage of your venture

  • Discover how to stand out meaningfully: Be seen, trusted, loved and purchased repeatedly

  • Enhance your emotional, affective and cultural Brand pillars to grow Brand equity

  • Grow your entrepreneurial network and long-term success strategy

  • Get access to high-level business advice with the worldwide renown Brand strategist, Audrey Kabla 

Each session is limited to 12 entrepreneurs at a time.

All our programs are available online and worldwide.

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A New Era

As a Brand of DAY ROSE Collective, GABE democratizes the access to marketing and brand strategy in the fields of Arts, Luxury, Experience and Fashion and more.

GABE offers online programs, courses and certifications to support entrepreneurs' and Brands' success. 

GABE knowledge and expertise is provided by Epykomène, Parisian Marketing Agency since 2010 and Audrey Kabla, Luxury Brands Expert and CEO of DAY ROSE Collective. 

About GABE

At The Origins...

Audrey Kabla, serial entrepreneur since 2010, Co-Founder and CEO of DAY ROSE Collective.

"GABE Entrepreneurs is the essence of two decades of expertise and experience working with top Brands and emerging concepts. Build an iconic Brand and boost your business growth up to a 7-figure success story with GABE at your side."  

About Audrey
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David Rivoire - Founder Les 2 Rives

"This collaboration with Audrey Kabla helped my company defined the strategy to grow our Brand image. On a very niche market, our strength is our client services - very human oriented. We wanted to create more offer and we did while working with Audrey. We launched several daughter- brands and products and grew our online presence with the creation of 5 different websites for our products and an association. We are leaders on our market and we were proud to create a community of clients that came to our events on a regular basis. During this period of time, we doubled the activity of Les 2 Rives and raised over a million euros." Merci à David Rivoire, Founder of Les 2 Rives – visit https://les2rives.fr 

Steeven Kodjia - Co-Founder French Deal

“With the support of your courses, we are taking decisions that create the legitmacy of French Deal in the world of Luxury, Menswear, hip hop culture and Black community. Since the beginning of our collaboration in 2017, we have increased our revenues of 80%, have won the fashion film festival of San Diego, has successfully organised a major league defilé (fashion show) at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.”

Merci à Steeven Kodjia, Co-Founder of French Deal – visit https://frenchdeal.biz 

Sabine Temin - Co-Founder LuxuryTail

"Audrey's mission consisted in sharing knowledge on how to create and position a brand within the Luxury field. Dealing with the possible different strategies of positioning, she defined the uniqueness, the emotional DNA of the Brand and its key specificities to be Luxury.”

Merci à Sabine Temin, Co-Founder of LuxuryTail – visit https://www.luxurytail.com 

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