Brand Coaching For Luxury And Fashion Businesses

For promising concepts transmuting into healthy iconic brands, the alliance of 3 key elements is needed: a product/service mixing superior quality with innovation, a consistent brand management built on emotion and the mix of complementary marketing skills. Get support on all 3 of them and thrive. 

« I have witnessed the magic happened so many times in the past 20 years. Yet, Consulting was unaccessible to the majority of young businesses. Brand Coaching is breaking the circle. »

In 2022, we are democratizing the access to high-level expertise providing support to the entrepreneurs and young brand of the world to thrive. Join Us Now.


Brand Coaching is an online consulting program including weekly group strategy work sessions as well as daily tactical support.

Day Rose teams of marketing specialist led by the luxury and fashion brands strategy expert Audrey Kabla are guiding you to grow your business, sales and visibility by activating your Brand powers: identity, image, equity.

Indivudual Advisory, project management as well as online trainings are options you can add to your program. Membership with automatic renewal are available for the selected brands and entrepreneurs only.

Program Selection

Any questions on Brand Coaching? Get on a call with Audrey and enjoy a free brand review today!


“Audrey is wonderful. Her questions and approach don’t seem staged at all, they are genuine and she was able to understand where I was coming from. I can’t wait to know more. »


« In this new year, I wanted to thank you especially for all the changes you have allowed me to make since the masterclass “elevate your brand to the rank of icon”. I decided to follow this Masterclass without really knowing what I was going to find there and especially if it was suitable for me, for my small business delivering balanced meals some 4000 km from France. It was an incredible trigger and booster, since last month I have tripled my number of customers, gained confidence in myself and in my product, decided to develop my business by creating healthy cooking workshops… all thanks to this Masterclass, thanks to you… If 3 hours of masterclass, and 2 free 15-minute calls can generate such results, I hardly dare to imagine what the real live follow-up with you will be like. My dear Audrey once again thank you for unlocking the things that were blocking my ascent and for proving to me that luxury is not reserved for fashion or beautiful cars. »

Myriam – Barilibox

“I collaborated with Audrey Kabla on behalf of my company PHENIX INFLUENCE from 2015 to 2019. This collaboration enabled my company to define and develop its internal training offer. I hired Audrey for training in luxury hospitality marketing strategies and it was handled successfully. »

Lionel Da Costa

“I collaborated with Audrey Kabla on behalf of Précurseur Paris. This collaboration allowed us to create a premium outerwear brand with a unique positioning on the French and European market. We worked on the definition of the product mix, but also on the Brand strategy, the growth of the image and the creation of a welcoming universe that our customers are ready to discover and appreciate. Following our collaboration, we launched the products and have an online sales platform. »

Kevin Benhamou

“This collaboration with Audrey Kabla helped my company to define the strategy to create our brand image. In a very niche market, our strength is our customer service – very human. We wanted to provide more offerings and we did that by working with Audrey. We launched various daughter brands and products. We have developed our online presence with the creation of 5 websites for our products and our association. We are leaders in our market and we were proud to create a community of customers who came regularly to our events. During this period, we doubled the activity of Les 2 Rives and raised more than one million euros. »

David Rivoire – Founder of Les 2 Rives

“Thank you for taking the time for my organic fashion brand! Although too short but it was a rewarding experience for me, looking forward to more sessions with you and your team that will give me a better understanding and guide me on how to move my brand forward. »


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