Voices by DAY ROSE: Stephen Schillinger, "Par Un Curieux Hasard", Writer and Therapist

Jan 05, 2022
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Voices by DAY ROSE: Stephen Schillinger, "Par Un Curieux Hasard", Writer and Therapist

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Welcome to Voices by DAY ROSE Episode #7 with Audrey Kabla and our guest Stephan Schillinger. Each week we will meet with an entrepreneur, a talent, to talk about their journey and to inspire YOU. 

-What is your name and the name of your business?

My name is Stephan Schillinger, and all of my books, my website, my social media accounts are named "Par un curieux hasard".

-Can you please tell us what it is that you do as if you were talking to a 5 years old child? Simple without technical words. :-)

What I do is very simple, I write texts about people's problems that they face daily. I write shorts texts for people who resonate with them. I currently have 5 shorts texts published. Another part of my job is consulting, where people contact me about their professional or personal problems and we try to find solutions for them. These consulting sessions can also be spiritual and targeted towards healing any trauma from the past. I also organize retreats. 

-When did you know that being self-employed was meant for you?

I worked in the banking industry for many years, 15 to be exact. In these years of my career, I was looking for a meaning in my job. I had many wealthy clients and sometimes they would consult me for spiritual and psychological problems. It was rare but it happened. At this moment I asked myself if there might be something to do more in life. 

-What do you like most about your every day business activities?

I wouldn't call them business activities. I love the saying "Find a job you love so you never work a day in your life.." Sometimes I write for 8 hours, sometimes I have clients, but it doesn't feel like I'm working. What I do the most is to be present everyday. 

-How do you recruit clients and make them loyal to your business? Can you share with us the keys of your success with us?

I simply don't recruit. I don't need to make them loyal, it's not my intention. I share things people are attracted to. 

 -What valuable advice can you give to young and future entrepreneurs and artist?

Be harmonious. Accept things as they come to you and don't force anything. Come from a place of "the soul" and "the heart".

-How do you take care of yourself and your private life?

Again, being in harmony. I ask myself if I'm forcing something to happen. The worst thing is to force yourself to do things. I try to be aware of this in my private life. 

-What is your next travel destination? And why?

I don't have a travel planned for the moment. Although I do love Berlin, as I'm recording this here now. I am traveling at all times, within me. However, the most extraordinary in my travels would be Berlin. 

-Are you more sweet or savoury? Do you have a favorite dish, meal or snack to share with us and a local address you would recommend? 

I think I'm both at the same time. My favorite food is cheese. I love raclette or cheese fondue. I would recommend in Berlin the restaurant "Doctor To" which makes Chinese tapas. 

- Finally, where can we find you? 





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