Let’s plan 2022 NOW!

Dec 05, 2021
Let’s make plans for December 2022 together. 
Yes it is in a year from now and what better reason to make plans now about where you want to be in a year from now in your life and your career!
If you have the wish, the dream, the crazy idea to launch a business, NOW IS A PERFECT TIME!
If you have the goals to launch the next iconic Brand in fashion, jewelry, beauty, services… NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME!
If you are ready to take your business to the next level and scale a 7 figure revenue by December 2022, NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME!

Last December, I was preparing myself to this new adventure. 
A year ago, I was saying good byes to a decades on activity in teaching and collaborating with establishments I didn’t share the same values with anymore. 
My son and I were packing and leaving our Montmartre home. I was purchasing, on this very same day, a year ago, our tickets to Cancun in Mexico where we spent half of 2021. 
I was building GABE Entrepreneurs business models and preparing the online training programs to help entrepreneurs, artists and creators to free themselves from struggles and bad investment in launching and scaling their premium and luxury brands! 
And today, I can say the path is built, the doors of DAY ROSE are opened and GABE and THE PRECIOUS LIFE are both enrolling! It is still a lot of work, learning and  growth. And it is a magical period. I moved on, I make the change and I am here to tell you so should you!
Where do you want to be at next December 2022? Not saying where do you think you can be. I am saying where do you want to be! 
I am launching next Thursday December 9th at 2.00 pm CET/08.00 AM EST., a new FREE MASTERCLASS called “ACTIVATE YOUR BRAND POWERS”. If you want to create/launch/scale your business and make it big and real, JOIN US. 
It is a 197 euros seminar I am gifting you! 60 minutes of smart practice and smart advice that will pivot your business strategy. Give yourself the credit to achieve your business goals and beyond. 
Book your free spot HERE
Here is the invitation: 
Voici votre invitation et un petit message en français !
Et pour celles et ceux qui preferent le francais, la masterclass a aussi lieu le jeudi 9 decembre prochain en francais à 10h00 heure française et elle se nomme “Eleve ta marque au rang d’icône !” 
Clique ICI pour la découvrir 
Et voici l’invitation !
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