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7000 managers trained worldwide with superb careers in top Luxury and Fashion companies, successful entrepreneurial endeavours and 7 figure Brands. A 5 stars rating. Pick your choice below:

Online Courses

The Fundamentals of Branding in Luxury

This course guides you through the prestigious codes of Luxury, the typology of Luxury perceptions and the birth of the only business sector that is not affected by any economical crisis.

Launch Your Fashion Brand in 10 Steps

This course is made to gain a better understanding of what it takes to start a business and more specifically in business fields that have high return on investment, margin and Brand equity growth. In addition to understanding of the processes involved in launching your business, you are shown exactly how to put it into practice right away.

Luxury Brand Management

This course guides you through the successful territory of brand strategy in the luxury and fashion industry. You are now able to create and manage brands.

The Marketing of Luxury Hotels

The demand for luxury accommodation is growing fast and so are the opportunities for people who want to work in this industry. This course gives you the information you need to understand to lead a business conversation and understand the major specificity of this outstanding field.

The Fundamentals of Watchmaking

Watches are one of the most sophisticated instruments of all times. This course allows you to understand the watchmaking industry specificities. You get the codes to enter this very exclusive of connoisseurs with passion.

« I am happy and lucky to have taken this course. I was able to learn all the basics of luxury and haute couture. I was really able to discover the origins of luxury and the history of brands and designers that we all know. Audrey’s experience fascinates me, and I look forward to taking the other courses she offers. Go for it without hesitation! »


« This is the perfect course for anyone looking to go into marketing and luxury. Very informative set of materials! The course gave me a grasp on every important aspect of the luxury market.”


Custom-Built Trainings

Custom-Built Trainings

In plenary, small group or 1:1, we organize training to support you in the transmutation of your Brand: upskilling, integration of knowledge, motivation of talents, acceleration of sales, codes of Luxury and interpersonal skills and more.

« I have witnessed the magic happened so many times in the past 20 years. Yet, Consulting was unaccessible to the majority of young businesses. Brand Coaching is breaking the circle. »

In 2022, we are democratizing the access to high-level expertise providing support to the entrepreneurs and young brand of the world to thrive. Join Us Now.

« I collaborated with Audrey Kabla on behalf of my company PHENIX INFLUENCE from 2015 to 2019. This collaboration enabled my company to define and develop its internal training offer. I hired Audrey for training in luxury hospitality marketing strategies and it was handled successfully. »


« It was a great learning experience & I hope to apply these to my future career. This is highly recommended for all aspiring people who are thinking of starting a career in fashion marketing.”


Conferences & Seminars

Conferences & Seminars

We support prestigious houses and rising brands to move towards excellence with authenticity, better communicate and embrace consistent and sustainable strategies

Universities And Business Schools


La Sorbonne (Paris) , Paris Dauphine University , Polytechnique , HEC , New York University (New York, NY),  The Fashion Institute Of Technology (New York, NY) , Chapman University (Orange, CA), LIM College (NYC, NY) , Brooklyn College (Brooklyn, New York) , Berkeley College (NYC, NY) , Monmouth College (Monmouth, IL) ,  Jacksonville University (Jacksonville, FL) ,  Rotterdam University Of Applied Sciences (Rotterdam) ,  Sichuan Agricultural University (Chengdu) ,  Bangaluru University (Bungalore) , ESMOD ,Isefac , ISG Luxury , IONIS Group , ModSpé , Sup de Pub , INSEEC , MBA ESG , ESCG , ESLSCA , Institut Escoffier (Ile Maurice) . 


« This course is a perfect introduction and development to the history of luxury. It allowed me to deconstruct many prejudices I might have had on the subject. Being a fashion designer, rather insensitive to the exclusive side of luxury, this course allowed me to make a difference between the different possible interpretations of luxury, but also to make the notable difference between the luxury sector and the definition of luxury itself. speak. This course allowed me to integrate concepts that are at the very root of luxury, which will allow me to reinterpret them. I recommend this course to all people gravitating around this subject which requires a solid base to develop a concept in this sector. »


« Thank you so much for giving me the knowledge about the luxury industry. I actually felt happy while listening to the course. The way you talked about the topics with examples is the good part for me as with examples one is easily able to understand about the topic. My overall experience till now is good and the way you explain is also good. »


« The Fundamentals of Branding in Luxury and Fashion course is an amazing 101 course. The lessons were easy to follow, and the materials were relevant and enriched. As a person who loves studying history and fashion history, I was totally sold by this course. Also, this is such an inspiration for my career path’s direction in fashion and luxury management. »


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